For the Love of Money People Hire Mike Ladge

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August 2, 2012,
Bobby Glanton Smith

Mike Ladge

“For the love of money people will rob their own mother” (if you doubt that is true just look at what’s happening with the Jackson family) or they hire someone like Mike Ladge, a reputable money manager with a impeccable record devoid of stealing or mismanaging his clients life savings.  Mike is a real man with a lengthy and impressive array of clients because he developed a rudimentary understanding of how to make a living managing other people’s money without taking them to the cleaners and the poor house.

I met Mike at Jim Brown’s house in the spring of 2005.  He was invited, as was I, by Jim Brown to see first-hand what it meant to be a part of the Amer-I-Can experience.  A young football and baseball superstar by the name of Desean Jackson, who at the time was about to graduate from the legendary Long Beach Poly High School and his devoted father, the late Bill Jackson, were seeking the counsel of the great Jim Brown.  It was one of the many memorable occasions that Mike and I have shared in the living room of Mr. Brown ( as you will discover in the book and film documentary, “Real Men Don’t Play) that enabled Mike and I to establish a lasting friendship.

Mike Ladge is a rare combination of fiscal brilliance and human compassion.  Born and raised in Brockton, Massachusetts (the home of Rocky Marciano and Marvelous Marvin Hagler), Mike is equally at home in the company of the 1% elite and the predators that populate the means streets of any urban jungle in America (commonly known as ‘the belly of the beast’ in Amer-I-Can nomenclature).

As you will soon discover, real men can count, preserve and grow money.

Stay tuned……

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